(Restriction Removal)Temporary restriction for cargo transport to Dalian (DLC)



Please be informed that following restriction on transportation to DLC due to the announcement from the local authority has been removed.
We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

  1. Effective Date
    From December 23rd, 2021 until further notice
    Transportation to DLC is available from 6th January, 2022
  2. Applicable cargo
    All cargo destined Dalian (including via other stations to Dalian)
  3. Remarks
    There are some restriction remained as following announcement.
    2021.08.23 (Partially Restriction Removal) Temporary Restriction on cargo transport to Dalian (DLC)
    2021.09.01 Temporary restriction on cool cargo transport to Dalian (DLC)

    Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.