Submission of information of Import of Dangerous Goods to Shenzhen (SZX) customs prior to departure



Please note information of Import of Dangerous Goods (to be written in Chinese) and Material Safety Data Sheet are required to be submitted to SZX customs in advance.
We would appreciated for your understanding and cooperation.

1. Effective Date
  From shipment loading on NH931/16August

2. Contents
  Dangerous Goods information bound for SZX must be provided from
  Origin customer to ANA sales representatives as follows:

 ① Provide accurate Dangerous Goods information (to be filled out in attachment form)
 ② Provide a copy of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

  The same cargo need not repeat declaration in six months
  from the first declaration day.

3. Others
  In the event of incorrect/inadequate information is submitted, shipments may be
  stopped at destination and/or cause delay of clearance/delivery of cargo.

4. Attachment
  Declaration Form for Customer.xlsx

 For more details, please do not hesitate to contact our local sales representatives.
 Your kind cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated.