Additional request of Notify Party information from Shenzhen customs



 Please be informed that accurate information and Notify Party's information for cargo destined for SZX was required in addition to China Customs regulation No.144 due to notice from the local customs.
 We would appreciated for your understanding and cooperation.

  1. Effective Date
    From shipment loading on NH931/19APR

  2. Contents
    In addition to China Customs regulation No.144, Notify party's information for cargo bound for SZX must be provided from origin customers/airports as below;
    ・Provide completed and accurate information in MAWB and FWB, especially consignee's contact information
    ・Must provide Notify Party's(broker's) contact information in MAWB and FWB
     ■Notify Party is the same as Consignee...
      Provide *Consignee's contact information as Notify party
     ■Notify Party is different from Consignee...
      Provide *Notify Party's (broker's) contact information
     *Company name or corporate registration code & Telephone number are mandatory.

  3. Others
    In the event of not providing correct information, shipments may stop at destination and/or cause a delay of clearance/delivery. Please kindly provide accurate information both MAWB and HAWB mentioned above to ANA Cargo for the smooth Customs clearance in China.

Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.