Temporary Restriction on cargo transport to Beijing (PEK) //Rev.7//



Please be informed that the transit cargo beyond Beijing to Changchun(CGQ) by RFS will be restricted due to COVID19 quarantine measures and the restriction on transportation to/via Beijing will be changed as follows.
We apologize for the continuous inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

  1. Effective Date
    From January 19th, 2022 until further notice
  2. Details
    Below shipments are unable to transport to PEK.
    ・Perishable Cargo (PER)
    ・Perishable Fish/Seafood (PES)
    ・Perishable Meat (PEM)
    ・Frozen / Refrigerated cargo
    ・Transit cargo via PEK except for DLC and CGQ

    Below shipments are available to transport to PEK.
    ・Live Animal(AVI)
    ・Live fish(AVF)
    ・Food stuffs which does not require temperature control
  3. Others
    At Beijing Airport, spraying a disinfectant of all incoming cargo to/via PEK are required by the local customs. Thus a disinfectant may adhere to the cargo. Please take care when packing the cargo that is strictly prohibited from getting wet. The disinfection also may cause delays in customs clearance or delivery.