2023 Oct Operation Plan for International Freighter Flights (As of 19 Sep 23)

Important Schedule


Thank you for your continuous support to ANA group.          
Please be kindly informed of ANA's Oct operation plan for freighter flights.            
We will make every effort to further enhance our services while your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.

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1. Applicable Period:                
    01Oct ~ 31Oct 2023 (Japan departure base)             
2.Applicable flights: Freighter flights                 
 For further details of the operation schedule for the freighter flights and passenger
 flights during the subject period, please kindly refer to the following URL;            
・Freighter flights:    Click here
・Passenger flights (S23): Click here
・Passenger flights (W23): Click here
- Above operation plan/schedule is subject to relevant government authorities'
- Indicated aircraft type may change without prior notice due to the condition of
 operation day.          
  In case of any inquiries, please kindly contact the sales in charge.

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