Hawaiian Sake Transportation



~ ANA transported local Hawaiian Japanese Sake
- production resumed for the first time in 33 years ~

On October 21, ANA transported Japanese Sake, locally produced in Hawaii, on the non-schedule passenger flight departing from Honolulu bound for Narita.
Japanese Sake production was resumed first time in 33 years in the State of Hawaii, U.S.A.
Under the project supporting local brewery of Japanese Sake in Hawaii, "Islander Sake Brewery" was built, commencing its production since February 14, 2020.
Based on mixture of good quality "Omachi" and "Kitashizuku" rices, free of agrochemicals / fertilizers / herbicides, harvested in Okayama prefecture and Hokkaido, together with "California Rose" and Hawaiian natural water, the carefully made Japanese Sake was transported by ANA.

< Photo: Japanese Sake arrived at Honolulu International airport >

< Photo: Loading of Japanese Sake at Honolulu International airport >

< Photo: Flight departing from Honolulu International airport >

ANA will continuously respond to the valued customers' transportation needs, utilizing ANA group's extensive international network and aircrafts.