Temporary Restriction on cargo transport to Qingdao (TAO)



 Please kindly be informed that ANA Cargo will restrict the transportation of cool and frozen shipments that arrives at TAO on weekends due to the local authority requirement, and also Qingdao airport is currently inspecting and disinfecting for arriving cargo which is perishable and food stuff etc. as follows.
 We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

  1. Outline
    The shipment arriving at TAO on weekends cannot be inspected locally due to off-duty hours at the local authorities, so this is restricted transportation as follows.

  2. Effective Date
    From August 11th, 2020 - until further notice

  3. Applicable flight
    All flight to/via TAO departing on D5 and D6

  4. Applicable Shipments of restriction
    The following cargo transport to/via TAO by above applicable flight;
     ・Perishable cargo (PER)
     ・Frozen and Refrigerated cargo (COL/FRO)
     ・Dry Ice cargo (ICE)

  5. Others
    ・Qingdao Airport is currently done an inspection for foodstuff, vegetables and fruits upon arrival due to the notice of the local authorities. Therefore, please note that the arriving cargo that need inspection can only be delivered during customs duty hours.

    ・Disinfection work will be performed after the inspection completed so that a small amount of disinfectant may adhere to the cargo. Please take care when packing the cargo that is strictly prohibited from getting wet.

    ・Please note that it might take a little more time to deliver at TAO even on weekdays because it requires confirmation from the local authorities.

Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.