German customs started enforcing accurate information



Please kindly be noted that German customs enforces their requirement from April 2019. For each customer, please remind to provide specific descriptions of goods otherwise it causes fine, delay of delivery and other inconvenience.

1. Applicable Shipment
Applies to all the freight to EU or transit in EU.

2. Caution
①Specific description of goods
②General information

3. Contents
Description of goods
For "Nature and Quantity of Goods" in MAWB and HAWB, please refer to below and input specific and accurate description. Description must follow the instruction written in the "EU guidelines" below.

≪ e.g. ≫




(Direct shipment)

Specific and generic description based on EU guidelines*1


Specific and generic description based on EU guidelines*1

*1 Please find attachment 1. or link with EU guidelines*1

Following inaccurate descriptions are also not acceptable (for example)
・ Input other than goods description
 Such as Company name and any code, only numerals and alphabets.
・ Input product or model number
 Such as ''TT-roasq-2''
・ Personal effect or unaccompanied baggage, the specified description of goods is required

General information
Please provide accurate "General information" regarding AWB/HAWB by both document and data.
Zip code is also mandatory which is often missing. Please refer to below for further information.
・General information:
・Zip code:Attachment 2.

4. Others
(1) If we are fined by customs due to the lack of information provided by customer, we will charge to shipper.
(2) If the accurate information is not provided on the shippers' AWB/HAWB document and/ or received from data transmission, Shippers shall take the responsibility for the delay of delivery.
(3) ANA will charge the correction fee when shipper requests ANA to amend the incorrect data.
(4) Please contact with our sales department regarding to submission and correction fee to customs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Attachment 1.European Commission_Acceptable Unacceptable Terms.pdf
Attachment 2.EU Postal codes (English).pdf