To be a company, developing together with society,
challenges to realize a sustainable world shall be tackled.

ANA Cargo will contribute to realize a sustainable society through the cargo business.

Aiming to realize a sustainable society and to enhance the corporate value, ESG management, considering the "Environment", "Social", and "Governance", is promoted. Under the slogan, "ANA Future Promise", upon having the kind understanding and cooperation of the valued customers, the initiatives are to be implemented and the SDGs achieved by the entire ANA group.

SDGs ANA Cargo is contributing to

To achieve the SDGs, ANA group is accelerating its initiatives by the "10 years' actions" to be taken until 2030. ANA Cargo is contributing to the following actions.

7_Affordable and Clean Energy 9_Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 12_Responsible Consumption and Production 13_Climate Action 15_Life On Land

Main initiatives taken for SDGs

ANA Cargo is promoting air transportation's CO2 emission reduction by utilizing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), etc. Besides this, in order to contribute to achievement of the environmental objectives, realization of various services is pursued.

SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel)

The sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is to replace fossil fuel, produced from renewable energy sources such as used waste oil.

7_Affordable and Clean Energy 13_Climate Action
SAF Flight Initiative SAF Flight Initiative

ANA Cargo has established a new joint program with the customers, "SAF Flight Initiative: For the Next Generation", to promote CO2 emission reduction in the industrial value chains.
In cooperation with the leading companies tackling reduction of CO2 in the value chain, decarbonization and enhancing SAF utilization for air transportation shall be further promoted in the future.


  • Partial space of freighter flight is sold as utilizing the SAF
  • "SAF premium rate" is applied instead of the usual price
  • Upon utilizing SAF, "CO2 reduction certificate" is issued by ANA

Applicable route

  • NRT departure freighter routes

Issuance of certificate

  • CO2 reduction certificate, authorized by the third-party organization, is issued

Merits of participating in the program

  • Substantial reduction of the CO2 emission (Category 4, 9 of Scope 3) caused by the transportation/delivery (upstream/downstream) through the business value chain
  • Contribution to climate change countermeasures, and ESG management promotion (appeal to the public)
  • Provide corporate symbol, etc., and publish in ANA's medium as a partner of SAF Flight Initiative

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