(Rev.2) New regulations from China Customs



 Please be informed that China customs required additional information for advanced cargo declaration and improve the shipment description on June 1st.
 Here we would like you to be informed that there are additonal items to be declared as mentioned in "3. Additional mandatory item". Please kindly follow the attachment No.2 "How to provide the information (Rev.1)".
 We would appreciate for your understanding and cooperation.

1. Starting Date
   June 1st (Fri) 2018 *date of shipment arrival

2. Applicable
   Shipment;All shipment destination to China

3.Additional mandatory item
   Following information is required on AWB and HAWB.

    (a) shipper's corporate registration code(identifier type and number)
    (b) consignee's corporate registration code(identifier type and number)
    (c) shipper's Tel or Fax number
    (d) consignee's Tel or Fax number
    (e) consignee's specific contact person name & contact number
    (f) nortyfy party's corporate registration code & Tel or Fax number (if applicable)

 Identifier code ・・・ Please refer attached Identifier List (Attachment NO.1 )

   If the company belongs JAPAN・・・CIK or LEI number
   If the company belongs CHINA ・・・USCI or OC number
   If the company belongs United states of America ・・・EIN or LEI number
   SHP/CNE is personal (=not company) must provide PASSPORT/ID number.

4. How to provide the information
   Please provide additional infomation in one of the following way.
   ※If you provide it by FWB/FHL,also input in AWB/House manifest too.

   1) By FWB / FHL (must be more than FWB ver.15 / more than FHL ver.4 )
   2) By AWB / House manifest.

   ※ Please refer the example in attachment NO.2(Rev.1)
5. Shipment Discription
   shipment discription shall be required.
   ※ Please refer the example in Attachment NO.3

 In case correct information is not provided, it may cause delivery delay.
 Please kindly provide the information mentioned above to ANA Cargo for the
 smooth Customs clearance in China.

Attachment② Rev.1

Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.