Kansai Airport (KIX) - Resumption of International Cargo Handling (Rev.11OCT)

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Thank you for your continuous patronage to ANA group.
As previously announced, both KIX airport's related facilities and our warehouse has been severely damaged stricken by Typhoon No. 21.
Please kindly be informed of some facilities and equipments being partially ready for resumption now, we will restart our International cargo handling operations, as follows ;

Red highlighted information about freighter operation have been added from the previous announcement.

< NOTE >

  1. Effective date & Applicable flights :
    (1) Passenger flight
     ・Operation resumption date ;
      - Sep. 22 for departure & arrival flights * Will resume acceptance from Sep. 21.
     ・Applicable flights ;
      - NH979 (KIX-PEK) / NH980 (PEK-KIX)
      - NH873 (KIX-HKG) / NH874 (HKG-KIX)
      - NH973 / 975(KIX-PVG)/NH974/976(PVG-KIX)
      *For passenger flights' schedule details, please refer to ANA Web site.

    (2) Freighter flight
     ①Operation resumption date ;
      - Sep. 26 for arrival flight & Sep.27 for departure flights.
     ・Applicable flights ;
      - NH8560 (OKA-KIX) / NH8559 (KIX-OKA)
      - NH8492 (DLC-KIX)
      - NH8499 (KIX-PVG)
    ②Operation resumption date ;
      - OCT. 14 for arrival & departure flights.
     ・Applicable flights ;
      - NH8500 (PVG-KIX) / NH8487 (KIX-PVG)
      - NH8488 (HKG-KIX)
      - NH8530 (BKK-KIX)
      - NH8495 (KIX-TAO)
      - NH8565 (KIX-KKJ) only depart on 26th OCT

      *For freighter flight' schedule details, please refer to ANA Cargo Web site.
  2. Applicable shipments :
     - International cargos to be loaded on above applicable flights, departing &
      arriving at KIX.
      * Shipments can NOT be loaded on our trucks and domestic flights,
      departing from KIX.
     【Embargoed Cargos】
      ・Shipments requiring temperature control
      ・Animals requiring temperature control or free air
      ・Shipments requiring fumigation storage
      * DG shipments, other than above (embargoed cargo), are acceptable.
  3. Business hours / Contact :
     (1) Exports ;
      ・Open hours : [Till 08 OCT] Weekdays 09:00-22:00
              Weekends &Holidays 09:00-17:00
              [From 09 OCT] Weekdays, Weekends,
              Holidays 07:00-22:00
      ・Location : ANA export warehouse
      ・Contact : 072 - 434 - 8682
      ・Acceptance closing hour : Only shipments to be loaded on flights
      departing on the same day or next day (before STD 18:00) are accepted.
     (2)Imports ;
      ・Open hours : [Till 08 OCT] Weekdays 09:00-22:00
              Weekends &Holidays 09:00-17:00
              [From 09 OCT] Weekdays,
              Weekends, Holidays 07:00-22:00
      ・Location : ANA export warehouse
      * For handover of shipments & documents arriving after the handling
      operation resumption, please come to our export warehouse.
      ・Contact: 072 - 434 - 8689
      ・Handover closing hour : Same as usual.
       * Chargeable urgent handovers will be temporarily suspended.
  4. Handover of shipments stored before 04 SEP :
    (1) Cargo delivery and Cargo inspection
     ANA/KIX would operate Cargo delivery and inspection for the shipment
     stored before 04 SEP with reservation.
     Please contact dedicated window as follow for the reservation.
    (2) Open hour
     Open hour for reservation, delivery, inspection : 9:00-15:00
     ※The reservation can be made after next day of contact
    (3) Location
    ・Export shipment : ANA Export warehouse
    ・Import shipment : ANA Import warehouse
    (4) Contact window
    ・Export : 072-434-8660
    ・Import : 072-434-8680

Should you have any inquiries, please kindly contact our Sales or Airport staff in charge.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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