Delivering Letters to Santa Claus



~ ANA Group delivers 80,233 letters from children all over Japan to Savalen, Norway ~

ANA Cargo Inc. and Overseas Courier Service Co.,Ltd. together with Toys"R"Us-Japan, Ltd. and The Greenland International Santa Claus Association have collaborated to deliver letters written by children all over Japan to the Santa Claus Association headquarters in Norway.

The departure ceremony was held on December 13th at the International Cargo Terminal in Haneda Airport, Japan. The 80,233 letters were collected in the "Santa Post" located in Toys"R"Us-Japan stores all over the nation. ANA Group's Blue Santas proudly accepted the precious cargo with dreams and wishes from the good children.

The letters were flown to Frankfurt, Germany by ANA and handed over to Overseas Courier Service to be trucked to its final destination at Savalen, Norway where Santa himself accepted them in his sleigh.

Below: At the Departure Ceremony

出発式_集合.JPG 出発式_ブルーサンタ.JPG

出発式_コンテナ1.JPG 出発式_ドーリー.JPG 

Below: Arriving in Frankfurt


Below: Overseas Courier Service loading the truck headed to Norway


Below: Santa Claus himself accepting the precious cargo and reading the letters.

サンタさん_受け取り.jpg サンタさん_そり.jpg 

サンタさん_開封.jpg サンタさん_手紙.jpg

Happy Holidays from ANA Cargo!

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