Cargo Security Measure in the United Kingdom (Extension)



Thank you for choosing ANA CARGO.

Please be informed that UK DfT ( Department of Transport ) issued the cargo security measure which will be effective as followings.

We would appreciate your continuous support and cooperation.

  • 1. Effective Date: From June 10, 2011 to December 10, 2011 (Extension)
  • 2. Applicable to: All air cargo flown into or via the UK
  • 3. Applicable Items:
    • 1) No cargo, courier material or mail more than 6 millimeters in thickness or 250 grams in total weight, originating from, or which has passed through, Yemen or the Republic of Somalia can be flown into the UK.
    • 2) Printers, photocopiers and fax machines with an ink or toner cartridge weighing more than 500grams installed in the equipment is prohibited to carry.
      All other restrictions on printer cartridges are lifted which means ink or toner cartridges itself is not restricted to carry.