Cancellation of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations(DGR) Operator Variations NH-04



Thank you for choosing ANA CARGO.
Please be informed that amendments of DGR Operator Variations will be effective from February 15, 2011 as followings. We would appreciate your continuous support and cooperation.

1. Effective Date: From February 15, 2011 ( From the date of execution of the MAWB )
2. Applicable to: All ANA group international flights
3. Revision:
Operator Variations NH-04 will be canceled and able to accept DG shipment under consolidated cargo.

[NH-04 before the revisionn]
Dangerous Goods in consolidations will not be accepted for carriage except for the following shipments:

-Consolidations having one master air waybill with one house air waybill ;
-Consolidations containing UN1845, Carbon dioxide, solid(dry ice) when used as a refrigerant ;
-Consolidations containing dangerous goods in excepted quantities and/or radioactive material, excepted package ;
-Consolidations containing UN3373, Biological Substance, Category B
[NH-04 after the revision]
Cancel IATA DGR Operator Variations NH-04 and their numbers
4. Requesting :
In order to handle the Dangerous Goods in consolidations, we request you to carry-in the Dangerous Goods documents with the shipment in punctual manner. Shipment may be placed on hold if the requests are not respected. ( Please contact our local sales office or airport for actual cut-off time )
5. Others :
1) All shipment may be placed on hold if the incomplete Dangerous Goods found upon acceptance in one of the HAWB.
2) This cancellation has been informed to IATA Dangerous Goods Administration office and will be reflected in either Addendum of DGR 52nd or 53rd edition.