Freighter route changes in Winter 2017 schedule from 29th October



Thank you for choosing ANA.
ANA will change some schedules of our freighter network from 29th October as below.
The Okinawa Hub network continues to be our most important cargo base, however we suspend its Saturday flights ( actual flight date is sunday ) and reconstructure the flights from Qingdao/Xiamen to Okinawa, based on market situation.
Instead , ANA will increase direct flights between Asia/China to meet strong market demand.
For more details, please kindly contact to our sales and reservation team.

Applicable date: 29th October (Sun)

2. Changes:

1) New route / Increase flights
2) Decrease/Cancel Flights
【 Cancel Flights 】
キャンセル.png *1 Operated from Tuesday to Sunday in Summer 2017 schedule.
*2 Operated on Wednesday,Thursday,Friday in Summer 2017 Schedule.
*3 Operated on Monday,Wednesday,Sunday in Summer 2017 Schedule.

【 Decrease flights from/to Okinawa *4 】
okinawa(訂正).png *4 Operated from Tuesday to Sunday in Summer 2017 schedule ⇒ From Tuesday to Saturday in Winter 2017. 
*5 Operated from Tuesday to Sunday, and two flights in Sunday ⇒ From Tuesday to Saturday in Winter 2017.

【 Decrease/Cancel flights ( direct flight ) 】
*6 Operated from Monday to Sunday in Summer 2017 schedule ⇒ Tuesday and Thursday to Sunday in Winter 2017 Schedule.
*7 Operated from Tuesday to Saturday in Summer 2017 Schedule ⇒ From Tuesday to Friday in Winter 2017

3. New route / Increase flight新規増便.png
*8 Departure Shanghai 1:10 - Arraival Kansai 4:05 on 29th ( Sun)

4. Flight no. / Departure/Arrival time change

These routes' flight no./Departure/Arrival time will be changed due Okinawa Hub network reconstruction.
S W Schedule(訂正).png
*9 No flight on 29th of OCT ( Sun)
*10 Departure Hong Kong 2:00 - Arraival Narita 6:50 on 29th of OCT ( Sun)